Welcome to your new librarian

Brew Ann

Welcome to the new academic year, and to your new Liaison Librarian for Mathematics and Physics. My name is Ann Brew, and I’m replacing Jenny Evans, who left for pastures new earlier this summer.

I started in September and have been gradually introducing myself to students and staff across the two departments – do get in touch if I haven’t yet met you.
I will continue to provide the same sort of library services support as Jenny before me, offering training on using resources such as Library Search and databases; workshops on plagiarism, referencing and academic skills; assistance with stock enquiries (including discussions about potential purchases) and a first-line enquiry point for Open Access and Research Data Management queries.

I’m based in Room 110, on level 1 of the Library, but will be running drop-in sessions as follows:
Mondays – afternoons in the Maths Learning Centre, Level 4, Huxley
Wednesdays – mornings in the Maths Learning Centre (as above)
Thursdays – afternoons in the Physics Common Room, level 8, Blackett
Fridays – lunchtimes in Room 110 (1-3pm)

Outside of these times, you can contact me by email or by following me on Twitter @LibrariannB


Mendeley Premium pilot

mendeley logoImperial College is now participating in a six month pilot with Mendeley, starting on the 1st July 2014.  The pilot allows Imperial College staff, researchers, Ph.D. and masters students to take advantage of a Mendeley Premium for free with your Imperial College e-mail account. This is available if you are a new user of Mendeley and if you are an existing user.

With the Mendeley Premium account you can:

  • Automatically generate bibliographies
  • Easily import papers from other reference management software
  • Find relevant papers based on what you’re reading
  • Access your papers from anywhere online
  • Read papers on the go, with the new iPad and iPhone app from Mendeley
  • More storage capacity
  • Create private groups of up to 25 collaborators with up to 20GB of storage space
  • Additional premium features such as Mendeley Suggest

To familiarise users with the Premium features we will be holding workshops on:

  • 3rd July 1-2pm
  • 4th July 1-2pm
  • 4th July 3-4pm

All workshops will be held in Training Room 1, Level 1, Central Library. You can book on a workshop here

For further information, please see this page on the Library website http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/library/subjectsandsupport/referencemanagement/mendeley.

For any enquiries please contact: Ella Mitchell e.mitchell@imperial.ac.uk

Multiscale modelling and simulation

We now have complete access to Multiscale modelling and simulation.

About this journal:

Centered around multiscale phenomena, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MMS) is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on the fundamental modeling and computational principles underlying various multiscale methods. By its nature, multiscale modeling is highly interdisciplinary, with developments occurring independently across fields. A broad range of scientific and engineering problems involve multiple scales. Traditional monoscale approaches have proven to be inadequate, even with the largest supercomputers, because of the range of scales and the prohibitively large number of variables involved. Thus, there is a growing need to develop systematic modeling and simulation approaches for multiscale problems. MMS will provide a single broad, authoritative source for results in this area. MMS bridges the growing gap in communication between mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, environmental science, and more.

Annals of Applied Statistics

After losing access for a while, we are pleased to announce that we now have access to all content within this journal title via JSTOR and Project Euclid.

About this journal:

Statistical research spans an enormous range from direct subject-matter collaborations to pure mathematical theory. The Annals of Applied Statistics, the newest journal from the IMS, is aimed at papers in the applied half of this range. Published quarterly in both print and electronic form, our goal is to provide a timely and unified forum for all areas of applied statistics.

Photovoltaics International

We now have access to Photovoltaics International Journal. This can be accessed via the journal home page.

About this journal:

Focusing on technology, the Photovoltaics International journal is specifically designed for the PV supply chain, including materials, components, equipment, manufacturing and large-scale utility installation. This in-print business-to-business publication influences the purchasing decisions of PV manufacturers, energy utilities and integrators by associating solution providers with high quality and independent technical papers.

EndNote planned maintenance

EndNote online (and ResearcherID) will be undergoing an infrastructure upgrade on June 22.  The application will be unavailable for a period of approximately 15 hours starting at 01:00 GMT, ending 16:00 GMT.  This outage will affect the EndNote online application, sync services, and interactions between Web of Science, ResearcherID and EndNote online.

New Open Access Blog

If you are interested in open access and scholarly communication there is new blog to monitor:

Open Access Blog: Open Access and Digital Scholarship at Imperial College London

“This  blog is dedicated to Open Access and related scholarly communication and digital scholarship activities at Imperial College London. It is managed by members of the Open Access project, a cross-departmental initiative that supports the transition to open access publishing at Imperial College. We will share  updates about  of the OA project as well as news about what is happening outside of the university.” from: about the Open Access Blog.

‘A Very Short Introduction’ series now available online

We now have access to the ‘A Very Short Introduction’ series as e-books from Oxford University Press.

Type in a very short introduction into Library Search…Books and More to get a list of titles or search directly for the title you want. See the OUP website for a complete list of titles in the series.



IoP eBooks collections

We have now have access to the Institute of Physics new eBooks collection. This is made up of two complimentary collections:

IOP Expanding Physics publishes high-quality texts from leading voices across the research landscape on key areas in physics and related subject areas.

  • Authoritative texts – a leading voice on a topic
  • Very high production quality
  • In-depth texts – 200–500 pages
    • Research monographs
    • Graduate/advanced undergraduate textbooks
  • Aimed at recent graduate/researcher level

View the first titles from the IOP Expanding Physics collection.

View forthcoming titles.

IOP Concise Physics, developed with Morgan & Claypool Publishers (M&C), focuses on shorter texts in rapidly advancing areas or topics where an introductory text is more appropriate. These texts will be the “first book” on a topic – either the first book published on a fast-moving area or the first book for anyone looking for a current introduction to a subject.

  • Concise – 70-120 pages
  • Rapid publication – the first book on a topic
  • Interdisciplinary – physics for physicists and non-physicists
  • Aimed at undergraduate/researcher level

View the first titles from the IOP Concise Physics collection.

5 titles have been published so far and the other 30 are due between now and January 2015.

These titles are all searchable via Library Search – search for “IOP eBooks” will bring up the contents of both collections.




Advanced Materials Interfaces – trial access

We have opted in to what is currently ‘free’ access to this journal published by Wiley Online. This is effectively a trial and if/when the journal begins charging a subscription fee then we will need to consider it as a new subscription.

You can access it via Library Search or via the journal’s home page.

“Interfaces play an essential role in virtually all materials and devices. While materials are shrinking, the interface begins to dominate their interesting properties. In a wide variety of applications from corrosion protection to catalysis, progress is guided by a refinement of our understanding of the interface effects. These interfaces may be solid/solid, solid/liquid, solid/gas interfaces or any combination thereof.

With the decrease in size and increase in complexity of materials this already highly interdisciplinary field is now becoming ever more integrated. Physics, chemistry, materials science and life sciences blend to encourage new, cross-pollinating ideas, which will drive forward our understanding of the physics and chemistry at the interface.

Advanced Materials Interfaces provides a forum on topics of surface and interface science with a wide choice of formats: Full Papers, Reviews and Communications, as well as Progress Reports and Research News”

From: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/%28ISSN%292196-7350/homepage/ProductInformation.html