5th IMA Maths Works – registration now open

Friday 15th October 2010
Royal Statistical Society, London

Building on the success of previous conferences in this series, Maths Works 5 focuses on helping teachers incorporate workplace related learning opportunities into their classroom practice. In addition it is also hoped that there are opportunities for teachers to see at first hand examples of mathematical use in the workplace.

The conference is being organised by Garrod Musto (MEI Industry Committee, and Head of Mathematics, Kingswood School, Bath) and Chris Belsom (past ACME member, and former Head of Mathematics, Ampleforth College).

Speakers from previous conferences have considered how mathematics is used in the information industry, in the automotive industry, in weather forecasting and in transportation & defence. In addition there have been opportunities for teachers to explore how initiatives such as Functional Maths will impact on their teaching, and helpful sessions from members of National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics’ (NCETM) regional team, and More Maths Grads provided excellent ideas to encourage work related learning into the classroom setting.

This is a one-day conference, and will be of particular interest to LEA advisers, mathematics consultants and teachers of mathematics, in both schools and colleges, who seek to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the many exciting and interesting applications of mathematics. It will provide an opportunity for those present to explore how mathematics is used in the workplace and how teachers might exploit this to stimulate further interest in mathematics in their classes.

The conference is open to both members and non-members of the IMA.

Registration is open at http://online.ima.org.uk/ or by emailing conferences@ima.org.uk

Conference website


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