Welcome to your new librarian

Brew Ann

Welcome to the new academic year, and to your new Liaison Librarian for Mathematics and Physics. My name is Ann Brew, and I’m replacing Jenny Evans, who left for pastures new earlier this summer.

I started in September and have been gradually introducing myself to students and staff across the two departments – do get in touch if I haven’t yet met you.
I will continue to provide the same sort of library services support as Jenny before me, offering training on using resources such as Library Search and databases; workshops on plagiarism, referencing and academic skills; assistance with stock enquiries (including discussions about potential purchases) and a first-line enquiry point for Open Access and Research Data Management queries.

I’m based in Room 110, on level 1 of the Library, but will be running drop-in sessions as follows:
Mondays – afternoons in the Maths Learning Centre, Level 4, Huxley
Wednesdays – mornings in the Maths Learning Centre (as above)
Thursdays – afternoons in the Physics Common Room, level 8, Blackett
Fridays – lunchtimes in Room 110 (1-3pm)

Outside of these times, you can contact me by email or by following me on Twitter @LibrariannB


Changes to Autumn term office hours in Maths and Physics


This term I will be located in the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC) on Level 4 of Huxley on Tuesdays between 11am and 1pm and Thursdays between 1pm and 3pm.


This term I will be spending between 2.30pm and 4.30pm on Wednesday afternoons in the Blackett Common Room on Level 8.

Please do drop by to say hello!

Central Library

Otherwise I am based in Room 110 on Level 1 of the Central Library.

These hours will come into effect as of Week 2. Changes to these hours can be found on my web page.