Library links

Check your library loans and reservations using Library Search.

Got a question about the library? Ask us through the blog. If your question is not directly related to Maths or Physics, other subject librarians can be found at the meet your librarian page.

If you need a book or journal article the library doesn’t hold, try the document delivery service. You have a set allowance for each year.

Information on referencing, covering bibliographic software and how to cite and reference your work, can be found here.


One comment on “Library links

  1. “Mathematics Stack Exchange” is international website commited to mathematics at academic level.

    It covers all issues/areas related to mathematics, including:
    – wide resource of textbooks/problem books with reviews/comments
    – solution to vast number of problems
    – information about internships/prizes/competitions in mathematics at undergraduate/postgraduate study
    – answers to diverse questions of any type (from trivial to sophisticated)
    – methods/advices/hints in solving/approaching problems/concepts from any area of mathematics.

    Although anyone is able to respond to any questions and/or open new forums, but all information are reviewed by professional mathematicians so that invalid information are deleted.

    Besides, database of this web is updated and expands still.

    internet address:

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