Stock movement within the Central Library over the next few months

This summer sees a reconfiguration of parts of the Central Library (including some building work) which will mean some areas of the print collections will be inaccessible at certain times.

Physics books (classification numbers 53 and 530 – 532) currently located on Level 2 will be moved up to Level 4 sometime in June. They will be temporarily unavailable during the move.

Mathematics books (classification 51 and 510 – 519) and Astronomy / Astrophysics books (52 and 520) will be moved into the basement for the summer (accessible via the Store Service) and then be re-housed on the newly refurbished Level 3 (formerly the SML) in time for the beginning of the Autumn term in October 2014– they will be unavailable for a short time while moves are taking place

Print journals held on Level 4 will be moved to the newly refurbished Level 3 by the beginning of the academic year and will also be temporarily unavailable while they are moved. If you do need material that is inaccessible at any time you can request it via Document Delivery.

We will keep you fully informed as to exact dates when we have them.

If you have any questions please get in touch.


Call for Recommended Reading information 2014/2015 academic year

My colleagues in our Recommended Reading team will be in touch with in the next few weeks. It is extremely important you respond to this email.

It is essential that we receive this information if we are to provide adequate book stock to students. Every year we meet students who are looking for non-existent books because the Library was not provided with the reading list. We want to improve the student experience so are aiming for a 100% return of reading lists. Please help us achieve this target.

Please note that the Library does not assume that a course is running if you don’t respond. This means that we will not check for new editions or ebooks and we will not replace missing or damaged copies unless we are told that the course is running.

Existing courses

If we have a current list of recommendations it will be attached to the email you receive. Please update it and return it. If you are no longer teaching this course please respond to let us know and if at all possible tell us who will be taking over the course.

New or additional courses

To list your recommendations for new courses you can complete the online form at: or email Jenny.

Any questions please do get in touch!

SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics

Just as a reminder in all the new e-journal announcements, we began subscribing to the SIAM journal on Financial Mathematics at the beginning of 2014, and have full access.

The SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics addresses theoretical developments in financial mathematics as well as breakthroughs in the computational challenges they encompass.

New e-journal: Mathematics of Operations Research

We now have access to Mathematics of Operations Research. You can access it through Library Search.


Mathematics of Operations Research publishes articles concerned with mathematical and computational foundations of operations research, including optimization, mathematical and dynamic programming, stochastic processes and models, simulations, control and adaptation, networks, game theory, and decision theory.

Book suggestions

If you have any suggestions for our mathematics and physics book collections can you let me know in the next week as I’m finishing up my ordering for this financial year. I am ordering both print and e-book editions depending on what is available so do let me know which format you would prefer.


New e-journal: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining is now available from the Library. Access to this title is available through Library Search.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining addresses the broad area of data analysis, including data mining algorithms, statistical approaches, and practical applications.

The journal covers topics including problems involving massive and complex datasets, solutions utilizing innovative data mining algorithms and/or novel statistical approaches, and the objective evaluation of analyses and solutions.

New e-journal: Stat – The ISI’s Journal for the Rapid Dissemination of Statistics Research

We now have access to Stat – The ISI’s Journal for the Rapid Dissemination of Statistics Research. This journal is online only, and is accessible across the College via the links in this post or via Library Search.

 Launched August 2012, Stat – The ISI’s Journal for the Rapid Dissemination of Statistics Research is a new online only, rapid communication research journal publishing short articles of the highest quality from all areas of statistics and interdisciplinary areas.

Stat provides a means of rapid sharing of important new theoretical, methodological and applied research for the international community of statisticians, and for researchers and practitioners in other disciplines where statistics plays an important role. Read Stat’s Aims and Scopes here.



New e-journal: Journal of the Society for Information Display

The library now subscribes to the Journal of the Society for Information Display. We have access to all volumes of the journal. You can access the journal through the link in this post or via Library Search.

About this journal:

The Journal of the Society for Information Display publishes original works dealing with the theory and practice of information display. Coverage includes materials, devices and systems; the underlying chemistry, physics, physiology and psychology; measurement techniques, manufacturing technologies; and all aspects of the interaction between equipment and its users.

New e-journal: Journal of Topology

We now subscribe to Journal of Topology. We have access from 2008 (vol 1) onwards. You may need to sign in with your College username and password if you are off campus.

About the journal:

The Journal of Topology publishes papers of high quality and significance in topology, geometry and adjacent areas of mathematics. Interesting, important and often unexpected links connect topology and geometry with many other parts of mathematics, and the editors welcome submissions on exciting new advances concerning such links, as well as those in the core subject areas of the journal.


New e-journal: Analysis & PDE

The Library now subscribes to Analysis & PDE. You can access it from the link here or through Library Search.

About the journal:

APDE aims to be the leading specialized scholarly publication in mathematical analysis. The full editorial board votes on all articles, accounting for the journal’s exceptionally high standard and ensuring its broad profile.

The policies of Analysis & PDE are set by the editorial board — a group of working mathematicians — rather than by a profit-oriented company, so they will remain friendly to mathematicians’s interests.

For rapid handling, papers are submitted online. Based on peer-review reports, the articles are accepted or rejected by the editorial board, which contains experts in many subfields, through a process of online discussion and consensus.